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Аудио рассказ: "A Lonely Bear and a Happy End"

A-lonely-bear-006Автор рассказа: Таисия Кондракова. 
Таисия изучает английский в школе иностранных языков по Скайпу LINGVISTOV.RU. Она не перестает радовать нас своими удивительными рассказами на английском. Ведь она не просто зубрит язык, а действительно использует его: для общения, для чтения и для создания своих замечательных шедевров. Вы также можете прочитать другие рассказы Таисии: 
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dense forest — дремучий лес
circus [ˈsɜːkəs] — цирк
with nostalgia [nɒˈstældʒə] — с ностальгией
pillow — подушка
den — берлога
fairy — фейя
fast and brisk — быстрый и проворный
to be similar to something / somebody — походить на что-то / кого-то
exploit [ˈɛksplɔɪt] — подвиг
ferryboat [ˈferɪbəʊt] — паром
suitcase — чемодан
to embrace [ɪmˈbreɪs] — обнять

Listen to the audio story in English

A Lonely Bear and a Happy End
by Taisia Kondrakova


A lonely bear lived in a dense forest. His name was William. He was alone because when his wife had been playing with their children, people had come and killed her and taken the children to a circus. After this he hadn’t seen them. For him this story was hard and difficult to understand.

Every night he remembered with nostalgia his family. He remembered how he and his wife had been so happy when they had had children, those happy little faces, and their laughter. He wanted to see them again and again, to be with them every time. He wanted to speak to them. But what could he do? He didn’t stop to live. Even without them he wanted to live. He loved to live.


It was late autumn. The bear was planning to sleep until the spring. He wanted to bring the pillow when he heard the sound coming out of his den: “zin – zin – zin – zin – zin – zin – zin!” He saw a little fairy but he thought that it was a human. He started to scream at the little fairy. He tried to catch her, but he couldn’t do it because she was fast and brisk. Then she smiled to him and her smile was so friendly, that even this moody bear tried to smile back and forgot about his trouble. Then the fairy said: “Don’t be afraid of me. I won’t do anything bad to you. If you want to see your children and your wife, you must do three exploits.

1. You must go to the circus and say to the chiefs that you want to work with three bears: Tom, Bob, Richard.
2. To buy a ticket to a ferryboat. Go to Canada, to Young Street in Toronto. The 3-rd house is the First Circus. Find Bell there.
3. To come back and leave with Tom, Bob, Richard, Bell.A-lonely-bear-005
You will see everything!!! “Zin - zin – zzzzin – zin – zin – zzzin!” she went.
He thought about what she had said. He took his coat and hat. He put on a tie and went to the circus. He saw the chief and asked him to work with three bears: Richard, Tom, Bob. The chief said to him: ”Yes. But what can you do?“ William said: “Everything. Jump, sing, make jokes.” – “Ok.” The chief went to see his partners. And William saw the young bears. All of them were so similar to his children. He was so happy! He asked them how they had come here. And they answered that people had brought them. Their mother had been taken to a circus in Toronto, Canada. She was writing them letters. And they said that their father stayed in the forest alone. When he heard that, he was shocked. He said: ”I am your father.” “How?” the young bears answered. “It was really like this…” William told them the story. They were very happy!


Then the sons went to work and William came back home. He began to pack the suitcase. After that he went to the port and bought the ticket. He took the ferryboat to Canada. When he came to Canada, he took his suitcase and went to Young Street by taxi. He found the First Circus and asked for Bell. They said that they don’t have any Bells there. He found another circus and asked for Bell the Bear. They said that they had a monkey named Bell, but not a bear. He went and went and went and went (he thought that he made 10 kilometers). He was very tired. Finally he came to another circus. A woman-bear open the door for him. She was very beautiful. She was similar to his wife. She smiled and said: “Is your name William?” He was shocked. He started to jump and embraced the woman-bear. He said: “And is your name Bell?” “Yes.” she said. They were happy to see each other.

The next day they bought tickets for the 6 o’clock ferryboat and came back home. William even forgot to ask Bell some things (like: “How come is she still alive?” because people had killed her and so on). He found his wife and children! This is happiness! They came home and bought a big nice house. When William was already old, he was praying for the fairy. Five years later the three brothers got married and had children. Bell and William lived very long. They were a happy family!