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Аудио рассказ: "The Tale of Kevin the Earthworm" by Taisia Kondrakova

Данный рассказ написан нашей необычной ученицей Таисией Кондраковой. Хоть она еще и маленькая, но благодаря своему воображению и способностям достигнет многого, мы в этом уверены! 

С аудио рассказами LINGVISTOV.RU вы сможете лучше воспринимать английскую речь на слух и пополнить словарный запас полезными словами. Скачивайте и слушайте, когда и где вам удобно: в пути, дома, на отдыхе, а, может, и на работе! Аудио истории - это увлекательный способ учить английский язык. 
The Tale of Kevin the Earthworm 
by Taisia Kondrakova 

Listen to the audio:

Deep under the field of wild sorrel lived two earthworms. They ate the root of wild sorrel and lead a normal earthworm lives. One dark day (or was it night? - it is always dark underground) the first earthworm, whose name was Carl, said to the second earthworm: "Kevin, I am fed up with this life. I want to travel and find out more about the world." He packed his suitcase and drilled his way out to the surface. There the sun was shining and the wild sorrel leaves were waving in the wind. The earthworm felt freedom and joy. He started his journey crawling among the leaves.

In the meantime the second earthworm was thinking where Carl was. Then he thought how nice it was to be outside and to travel. He packed his suitcase and also went out to the surface. He was very excited and fascinated because he had never thought that nature could be so nice. (I think that you must travel because it is interesting, useful and you start to learn many things).

Kevin saw Carl at the top of the sorrel. He called him but Carl thought that it was his parents and wanted to go down from the other side but...

He fell down (well, not very far down...) Kevin was under the sorrel and he caught Carl up. Carl smiled and they went together where their eyes could see. Carl suggested they should go to the government. On their way they met another worm whose name was Garry and went together. When they arrived, Garry said the magic words and the ground opened. They got inside and saw chamberlains. The chamberlains asked their names. Then wardens asked for their passports and demanded what they wanted from the King's family. Carl said: "I want the King and Queen's daughter and a part of kingdom, period." Garry said: "I want the King and Queen's daughter and a part of kingdom." Kevin said: "I want to work as a servant for the younger daughter. I will work hard."

A warden went to the King's family. He said everything to them. The King started to whisper something to the counselor. But the Queen asked to call Kevin. Kevin came and bowed low. The King liked it very much. Kevin told his story, why he came here as well as about his life. The King liked him very much.

Then Garry entered. The Queen didn't like him at the first sight. They gave him 1 kilo of gold. Then Carl entered. The Queen looked at him and felt disgust. But the King set a date. Carl came at this date. He put on armor and went to kill the dragon-worm. The dragon-worm ate him.

Kevin worked very hard and the King's family liked him because he was decent and kind. He got married to the younger daughter whose name was Bella. Kevin and Bella started to travel around the world. They were very happy together and had children who also liked to travel very much.

sorrel — щавель
earthworm [ˈɜːθˌwɜːm] — земляной червяк
to find out — узнать
suitcase — чемодан
journey [ˈdʒɜːnɪ] — путешествие
crawl among the leaves [krɔːl] — ползти между листями
in the meantime — тем временем
fascinated [ˈfæsɪneɪtɪd] — очарованный
to suggest — предлагать (идею), советовать
government [ˈɡʌvəmənt] — правительство
chamberlain [ˈtʃeɪmbəlɪn] — камергер
warden [ˈwɔːdn] — надзиратель
to whisper — шептать
to set a date — назначить дату
to feel disgust — почувствовать отвращение