21 comments on “Doodles
  1. Ann:

    Why don’t you have twitter account?

  2. Ann:

    yes! I think it will be great! I want following you on twitter:)

  3. KV:

    Landysh, your cats are ADORABLE!

  4. debora:

    facebook page please!

  5. Kmy:

    those pics are really interesting and meaningful! Can’t stop reading and laughing^_^

  6. parus:

    Love these doodles,and I’m translating these doodles into Chinese.Surely,I put this website link on my pics.

  7. yangmo:

    Love!Love!Love! Really love these doodles,I’m an edtor in China Citic Press, I wonder if you would like to publish the comics in chinese version, let more people to feel and share the mood in your comics.

  8. Yeb:

    Do you have instagram account or twitter? You should have….. This ks really nice artwork!

  9. Vero:

    Hi!!1 I love your doodles! I’m from Argentina :)

  10. Cristina:

    I LOOOOOOVE your work. I’m from Colombia and I fopund it through a lovely 9gag repost of the pic of the girl that wouldn’t know what to do if she had a boyfriend hahaha «how often do they have to be walked?» HAHAHA <3 love them all seriously. they're brilliant :)

  11. we would like to run one of your cartoons on our site.

  12. Hi! I’m a use from the app Ifunny and I would like to know if I could have permission to post your comics and use your name, but give you credit and show the link to your website. If you would like to have an account I would be delighted to run it for you as I am an experienced user with 5000 subscribers. Please respond as soon as possible.

  13. Viann:

    I love the doodles,it’s so funny!! I’m come from China.

  14. Anne:

    Are prints of your pictures available for sale?

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