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29 комментариев на «“Doodles”»

  1. This was my first to review this website, it’s pity that I could not open the English version website. I love all pictures. I even would like to learn painting now. Whether I could learn from you? I am from China, and my name is Shirley.

  2. Nick:

    Greetings from Thailand:) Will definitely share your masterpieces with my Thai students. Keep on doing your good work.

  3. Kathryn:

    I’m from China, I love your marvelous works!!!! Keep punching!!!!!

  4. I like the doodles, they bring me a lot of happiness.! Tank you very much! Best wishes to Landysh!

  5. Sherry:

    It’s soooo funny!!I know these pictures from China Citic Press’s Chinese version. Then I found this website.I really love these pictures, especially when I feel frustrated.Love!Love!Love! I wonder if I can choose some pictures printing them in color and staple them as a booklet and give it to an actor I like as a gift. Because this actor is not Chinese, and there is no English version.Please, please, let me know! Thank you so much!!

    • Hello, Sherry!
      I am happy that you like our doodles. We were wondering if people were buying the book in China and enjoying it. So thank you for writing to us!

      As for printing the doodles, unfortunately we have a copyright. And it is not allowed to print them without our consent. But good news! We are opening an online store (although it will happen only in January). There you’ll be able to purchase T-shits, mugs, notepads, posters, cards etc, with lingvistov doodles! Loads of awesome merch!

      If you want, I can keep you informed on the opening of the store.
      Thanks again!

  6. […] See, physics says I should sleep in!! :)http://www.lingvistov.ru/doodles/ […]

  7. Anne:

    Are prints of your pictures available for sale?

  8. Viann:

    I love the doodles,it’s so funny!! I’m come from China.

  9. Hi! I’m a use from the app Ifunny and I would like to know if I could have permission to post your comics and use your name, but give you credit and show the link to your website. If you would like to have an account I would be delighted to run it for you as I am an experienced user with 5000 subscribers. Please respond as soon as possible.

  10. […] fell in love with pretty much everything! I caught myself laughing out loud many times. Be sure to check out all of her works right here, and then take a look at my favorites below! (It was pretty hard to choose just a few, by the […]

  11. we would like to run one of your cartoons on our site.

  12. Cristina:

    I LOOOOOOVE your work. I’m from Colombia and I fopund it through a lovely 9gag repost of the pic of the girl that wouldn’t know what to do if she had a boyfriend hahaha «how often do they have to be walked?» HAHAHA <3 love them all seriously. they're brilliant :)

  13. Vero:

    Hi!!1 I love your doodles! I’m from Argentina :)

  14. Yeb:

    Do you have instagram account or twitter? You should have….. This ks really nice artwork!

  15. yangmo:

    Love!Love!Love! Really love these doodles,I’m an edtor in China Citic Press, I wonder if you would like to publish the comics in chinese version, let more people to feel and share the mood in your comics.

  16. parus:

    Love these doodles,and I’m translating these doodles into Chinese.Surely,I put this website link on my pics.

  17. Kmy:

    those pics are really interesting and meaningful! Can’t stop reading and laughing^_^

  18. debora:

    facebook page please!

  19. KV:

    Landysh, your cats are ADORABLE!

  20. Ann:

    yes! I think it will be great! I want following you on twitter:)

  21. Ann:

    Why don’t you have twitter account?

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