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English for Travelling: Mallorca


Tour of Mallorca
“wild cicada cries, scent of pine trees, glittering sunshine,
wild cliffs rising through the sun, down under the turquoise bay,
the white of the sun among the green pines,
a pair of eagles circling above the hill…”
ex. 1 Watch the video guide to the island of Mallorca and study the vocabulary: 

historical and cultural monuments - исторические и культурные памятники
wide range of programmes - широкий выбор программ
canopy - козырек, навес, полог
tapestry - гобелен
crucifix - крест
graceful medieval palaces - изящные средневековые дворцы
glorious public buildings - восхитительные общественные здания
enormous - огромный
to radiate with the enjoyment of life - излучать радость жизни
to the core - до самой сердцевины
holiday resort - курорт
crowd-attracting - привлекающий толпы людей
to scare off - отпугивать
forerunners - предвестник
beyond doubt - вне сомнений
intimate little bays - интимные маленькие бухты
dripstone - сталактит
to bargain - торговаться
evergreens - вечнозелёные растения
serpentine - серпантин
vineyard - виноградник
charterhouse monastery - картезианский монастырь
orange grove - апельсиновая роща
beautiful location - красивое расположение
scenic view - обзорный вид
lighthouse - маяк
turquoise - бирюзовый
coastal line - линия побережья
to be abundant in smth. - быть богатым чем-либо
peak season - пиковый сезон
man-made lagoon - искусственная лагуна
accessible by car or by boat - до которого можно добраться на машине или лодке
particularly - особенно
to follow one's craze - придаваться своему увлечению

Balearic Islands - Балеарские острова
Mediterranean - Средиземноморье
La Seu (the architect - Guillen Sagrera) - Ла Сеу (Пальмский собор)
Antonio Gaudi - Антонио Гауди
Placa Mercat - Площадь Меркат
Placa Weyler - Площадь Вейлер
Placa Mayor - Площадь Майор
Placa Cort - Площадь Корт
Catalan - каталанский
Playa de Palma - Пляж Плайя де пальма
Cala d'Or
Porto Petro
Porto Colom
Coves del Drach - Пещеры дракона
Serra de Llevant
Majolica - майолика (вид керамики)
Sa Calobra - пляж Са Колобра
Pollensa Bay - бухта Польенса

ex. 2 Find words that match the definitions.
̶             extremely happy, peaceful, or picturesque
̶             to be a symbol or expression of that idea or quality
̶             a pleasant smell
̶             to emit (energy, especially light or heat) in the form of rays or waves
̶             a military stronghold, especially a strongly fortified town
̶             to frighten somebody so that he goes away
̶             very large in size, quantity, or extent
̶             a part of a coast where the land curves inwards
̶             rock deposited by precipitation from dripping water
̶             a plantation of grapevines, typically producing grapes used in winemaking
̶             a person who lives somewhere permanently or on a long-term basis
̶             pots, dishes, and other articles made of fired clay
̶             a card for sending a message by post without an envelope, typically having a photograph or other illustration on one side
̶             having plenty of something, rich in something
ex. 3 Match the locations with descriptions.
  1. It is the most beautiful city of the Mediterranean.
  2. It is crowd-attracting 8-km sandy beach built near the capital.
  3. This town claims to be the birthplace of Christopher Columbus.
  4. This is the biggest cave lake in the world.
  5. This is a beautiful mountain with serpentines among vineyards, almond trees, orange and olive groves.
  6. It is perhaps the most beautiful fishing village of the island
  7. This town is famous for its charterhouse monastery.
  8. This town has the San-Francisco style nostalgic trams.
  9. It is a shingly beach created by the wash of the old creek.
  10. There are still ruins of the old town walls in the centre of this town together with the houses and churches that were built through the centuries.

  1. Porto Colom
  2. Valldemossa
  3. Playa de palma
  4. Sóller
  5. Serra de Llevant
  6. Alcudia
  7. Banyalbufar
  8. Palma
  9. Sa Calobra
  10. Coves del Drach

ex. 4
Finish the sentences
  1. The capital of the island is the most...
  2. The old town isn't particularly big but...
  3. Some of these are quite small like the Placa Mercat or the Placa Weyler. And there are...
  4. The people are proud o their origin, their...
  5. The hotels of this street...
  6. There are numerous quiet little bays for...
  7. If someone would like to explore smaller bays along the coast it's...
  8. The most popular sight of the town is the charterhouse...
  9. Its route continues along orange groves and small...
  10. From Alcudia it's worth taking an excursion to the...

ex. 5
Say whether these sentences are true or false
  1. The famous cathedral La Seu was built by the orders of James I according to the plans of Antonio Gaudi.
  2. There are small squares like Placa Weyler and big ones like Placa Cort in Palma, but they are all equally friendly.
  3. Beaches in Mallorca are pronounced "playas".
  4. Playa de Palma is a 10-km sandy beach is divided into 10 sections.
  5. Porto Petro has an interesting specialty: the boat garage with two winged green doors that open to the water.
  6. Bigger cruise ships can access freely any town or city of the island.
  7. Banyalbufar is a small village with one thousand residents famous for its majolica pottery.
  8. Valldemossa is the town where seriously ill Chopin lived in 1838.
  9. The route of the tram in Sóller circles around the downtown area.
  10. Sa Calobra is perhaps the most beautiful fishing village of the island.
  11. The ruins of the old town walls still stand in the centre of Porto Colom together with the houses and churches that were built through the centuries.

ex. 6
Answer the questions.
  1. What did Antonio Gaudi create for La Seu?
  2. What is the language peculiarity of the island? Is the pronunciation different from regular Spanish? Give examples.
  3. What are the most cheerful settlements of the island?
  4. What is Playa de Palma? Why can it scare off some people?
  5. Why do they say that Mallorca intends to please everybody?
  6. What does Porto Colom boast about?
  7. What is Coves del Drach famous for? What kind of experiences can you have there?
  8. Describe the Serra de Llevant Mountain in Mallorca.
  9. How can you explore small bays along the coast?
  10. What is majolica?
  11. How far above the sea level is Valldemossa located? Why is it popular among the tourists?
  12. Why is Sóller one of the most interesting places to visit in Mallorca?
  13. Why is Alcudia popular with the British tourists?
  14. What can you enjoy in Pollensa Bay?

ex. 7
Expand on the following.
  1. The capital of the island is beautiful and famous for its architecture.
  2. There are beaches and holiday resorts for everybody: people who like parties and people who enjoy quiet.
  3. Coves del Drach is the biggest cave lake in the world.
  4. Mallorca is renowned for its charming natural beauties.
  5. Sóller has San-Francisco style nostalgic trams.
  6. Alcudia is famous because of Agatha Christie.

ex. 8
Write a monologue according to the following plan:
  1. The island of Mallorca;
  2. The capital of the island;
  3. Description of three or four small towns;
  4. Nature of the island;
  5. Local attractions (beaches, caves etc.) you would love to visit – two at least.