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Если Вы хотите принять участие в Марафоне: Английский каждый день, оставьте Ваше имя и номер телефона и мы свяжемся с Вами в ближайшее время

Бесплатный пробный урок

* Поля, обязательные для заполнения

Если Вы моложе 18 лет, то пробный урок проводится только с согласия Ваших родителей.

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Slang words for good, cool, awesome

ace - great, excellent: e.g. "How was the gig? - It was ace!"R38vGrklpI8

amaze-balls - amazing: e.g. "Your song was amaze-balls".

ass-kicking - excellent: e.g. "This is the most ass-kicking advice I've ever received".

awesome possum - variant of "awesome": e.g. "That party was awesome possum".

bad-ass - cool, very good, excellent, cool: e.g. "That was a bad-ass concert".

bang on - accurate; perfect; right; or generally good: e.g. "Jane's prediction of fourth-quarter earnings was bang on".

bodacious - totally cool, rad, hip: "That's totally bodacious, dude!"

the bullet - cool: e.g. "This movie is the bullet!"

cheez whiz - cool, usually used after another term to form a superlative: e.g. "The clothes look so cheez whiz on him".

coolio - cool: e.g. "We leaving? Ok, coolio"; "You got new shoes? Koolio!"

crackin' - cool, tight, etc. Also poppin': e.g. "This party is crackin'!"

dope - very good, excellent, cool: e.g. "Ain't nobody dope as me, I'm dressed so fresh so clean...Outkast!"

ear candy - something pleasing to listen to, especially music-related: e.g. "With an Ipod you can listen to as much ear candy as you want, when you want".

e-ticket ride - a ride of excitement or great fun: e.g. "That car chase looks like an e-ticket ride!"

gravy - very good, excellent, cool: e.g. "Man, you gone let that girl talk to you like that?- It's all GRAVY. I am not worried about what that girl's saying, man."

horrorshow - very good, excellent; "cool". Origin: "horrorshow" is the phonetic spelling of a Russian word meaning "excellent": e.g. "I thought the movie was horrorshow."

kosher - fine, okay: e.g. "Is everything kosher?"

like whoa - cool, awesome, great: e.g. "Honey over there was like... WHOA"; "The weed I just smoked was like Whoa!"

neato - Used by losers when something is unusually COOL, other words similar to this would be dandy and spiffy: e.g. "That was really neato".

nifty - cool: e.g. "That was nifty, man".

off the chain - very good: e.g. "Girl, that purse is off the chain!"

pickles - cool: e.g. "Dat shit is pickles".

ratchet - cool, crunk, awesome. Also spelled ratchett: e.g. "I got three phone numbers last night, 'cause that's how ratchett I am".

redonkulus - really cool or awesome: e.g. "Dude, you got a redonkulus deal on your new car".

slammin' - great, excellent, awesome: e.g. "Your haircut is slammin'!"; "That was some slammin' soup".

smashing - very good: e.g. "Smashing idea, darling!"

sugar honey ice tea - something great or awesome: e.g. "That was some serious sugar honey ice tea".

tickety-boo - going well; going smoothly: e.g. "I thought I had lost my keys, but I found them and everything was tickety boo".

vicious - Awesome, cool, wicked sweet: e.g. "That movie was so vicious".

wicked - very good, cool: e.g. "Man, dude, you're a wicked driver!"