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Present Perfect vs. Past Simple: Exercises

Present Perfect or Past Simple
“Have you ever eaten a lobster?”

[audio mp3="/upload/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/the-room.mp3"][/audio]

1. Look at the photo. What can you see?presentperfect006
2. Listen to the dialogue and say what Miriam has already done - mark them in her "Things to do list":
M: Hello.
H:   Hi, it's Helen. Thanks for the photo. Have you decorated your fantastic new bedroom?
M: Well, I haven't finished. It's a mess! I haven't unpacked all my clothes and I haven't organized my wardrobe. And I haven't put up all my favorite music posters.
H:   Have you painted the walls?
M: No, I haven't - they're okay. But Mum and I have done lots of things. The room looks a lot brighter now. We've bought a new bedspread and a new rug. They're red and pink. We've put up new curtains and we've changed the lampshades, too. They look really cool!
H:   Have you changed the layout?
M: Yes, I have. I've moved the bed but not the desk. I asked Dad for some bookshelves but he hasn't built them because he's so busy.
H:   I can hear music. Is that yours?
M: No, that's my sister Lydia's.
H:   Has she done her room?
M: Yes, she has. She's played the same CD ten times. I am sick of it! 

Things to do:

unpack clothes  -   
organize wardrobe
put up my posters
buy a new rug
put up new curtains
change the lampshades
move the bed
move the desk
build some bookshelves

have / has + V3
Ключевые слова:
already, just, yet, ever, never / since, for
  • I have just finished doing my homework.
  • You have lived in San Francisco for 4 years.
  • He has never driven a car.
presentperfect001ex. 1 Speak about yourself:
read - listen – travel – be – speak – watch – run – eat






Example: Spain – I have never been to Spain.
  1. Harry Potter books
  2. Princess Kate
  3. opera
  4. Greece
  5. Africa
  6. a marathon
  7. a ghost
  8. crabs
ex. 2 Explain the situations:
  1. Why are you writing with a pencil? (lose my pen)
  2. Why is the floor in the kitchen wet? (wash the floor)
  3. Why are these bags in the hall? (school friends come round)
  4. Why can't you go out? (not finish homework)
  5. Why is it so cold? (weather change)
  6. Why is your bedroom a mess? (not tidy it)
History VS. Result

ex. 3 Choose Present Perfect or Past Simple
  1. I _____ (visit) Bob last month.
  2. We _____ (promise) to help them already.
  3. She _____ (never/do) anything bad.
  4. She _____ (go) on holiday three weeks ago.
  5. We _____ (not/do) our work yet.
  6. She _____ (see) the film three times.
  7. They _____ (swim) in the sea last summer.
ex. 4 Choose Present Perfect or Past Simple
1)   You _____ (not / to have) enough to eat yet. You _____ (to eat) more yesterday.
2)   Why _____ (not / you / to tidy) up your room yet? It _____ (to look) really nice last week.
3)   Sarah _____ (to go) for a walk with her dog an hour ago. She _____ (not / to come) back yet.
4)   I _____ (not / to see) Jean today, but I _____ (to see) her yesterday.
5)   Yes, I _____ (to be) to the Lake District before. I _____ (to go) there three years ago.
6)   _____ (you / to see) Peter? He _____ (to want) to walk home with me.
7)   _____ (you / to see) that man on the motorbike yesterday? I _____ (never / to see) such a dangerous driver.
8)   How long do you think we will have to wait? We _____ (to be) here since 2 o'clock.
9)   _____ (she / not / to know) who you were any more? I _____ (never / to hear) anything like it before.
10) I _____ (not / to know) you had a new car. How long _____ (you / to have) it for?
ex. 5 Use these prompts to write Present perfect sentences using the adverbs in brackets.
a. William / buy / tickets / for / match. (already)
William has already bought the tickets for the match.
b. Sally / not find / job/? (yet)
c. We / be/ to Wien / four times (already)
d. I / not buy/ new car (yet)
e. David / arrive / from London (yet)
f.   Dorothy / see / Star Wars film (never)
ex. 6 Complete these sentences using for or since.
  1. Mark has had violin lessons ________ last January.
  2. We have known Diane ________ two years.
  3. Have you seen Andrew ________ last week?
  4. Karen has had long hair ________ she was 13.
  5. They have been close friends ________ twenty years.
  6. My parents and I lived in the same house ________ 1990.

ex. 7 Put the verbs into the correct tense - Simple Past or Present Perfect.
  1. Whose car ___________(he/ drive) yesterday?
  2. What ___________ (just / happen)?
  3. He  ___________(hear) a strange noise for a time.
  4. ___________ /( the film/ not begin) only ten minutes ago?
  5. My mother  ___________(do) some gardening last summer.
  6. They  ___________(not eat) anything since breakfast time.
  7. The concert  ___________(be) an enormous success for more than 15 years.
  8. They  ___________(destroy) some animal species recently.
  9. Mr Field  ___________(telephone) her just a minute ago.
ex. 8 Choose Simple Past or Present Perfect.
  1. We met / had met Miriam on the corner of 8th Avenue yesterday.
  2. Did you see / Have you seen my sunglasses anywhere? I think I have lost / lost them.
  3. Douglas says that he has already seen / already saw this man before.
  4. Have you heard  / did you hear the news today?
  5. I had / have had my present job for a year.
  6. We were / have been at home last night.
  7. The bus left / have left five minutes ago.
  8. When did you get / have you got married?
  9. I was / have been a teacher since 1980.
10. Curtis has lived in New York for / since ten years.
ex. 9 Fill in the gaps using SIMPLE PAST or PRESENT PERFECT.
  1. I ___________________________ (HAVE) my job for two years.
  2. ___________________________ (YOU/GO) to Los Angeles last summer?
  3. She ___________________________ (LIVE) in Rome for three years.
  4. ___________________________ (YOU/EVER/BE) to China?
  5. I ___________________________ (PLAY) tennis yesterday.
  6. Tim ___________________________ (BREAK) his leg last year.
  7. How long ___________________________ (DAVID/BE) interested in cinema?
  8. They ___________________________ (GO) to New York in 1990.
  9. She ___________________________ (NOT/PLAY) tennis last Sunday.
  10.  ___________________________ (YOU/GO) to the cinema last night?
  11.  ___________________________ (SHE/EVER/BE) to Australia?
  12. We ___________________________ (GO) to Canada last summer.
  13. She ___________________________ (JUST/TIDY) her room.
  14. We ___________________________ (NOT/EAT) yet.
  15. Bob ___________________________ (STUDY) French two years ago.
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