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Learn English by Watching Films: Winter's Bone (2010)

Ree’s father is on the run from the law, which is why she has to keep safe and alive the whole family of her sick mother, little brother and sister. Things get dramatic when Ree learns that if her father doesn’t show up at court, she is going to lose the family house. Ree hurries to collect any bits of information about her father’s whereabouts… Can a girl so young of age solve a problem so big?
600full-winter's-bone-posterGenre: realistic, drama, detective
Directed by Debra Granik
Based on the novel Winter’s bone by Daniel Woodrell (download)
Ree - Jennifer Lawrence
Teardrop - .John Hawkes
Find out about rednecks. Why are they called that? What are the values of this social groups? How do they generally look like?
covered-dish event – общий прием пищи в честь какого-либо события или праздника; застолье
to spell a word – произнести слово по буквам
cradle – покачивать, убаюкивать (ребенка)
sign up – записаться, вступить в ряды
to be short on cash – не иметь достаточно наличных
out on bond – на свободе под залог
ain't = aren’t = haven’t (как вспомогательный глагол, только отрицательный)
to cook – заниматься изготовлением наркотиков
to duck – укрываться, скрываться, прятаться
timber acres – лесной массив
to make sure – убедиться, удостовериться
to know the gravity of the deal – понимать всю серьезность дела
stew – рагу, блюдо из тушеного мяса
our relations get watered kind of thing between... – седьмая вода на киселе, дальние родственные связи между тем-то и сем-то
doobie – косячок
to piss smb off – вывести из себя, взбесить
coop - курятник
we may have had our tussles – у нас могли быть передряги
to look square at someone – смотреть прямо на кого-то
bless you – будь здоров
the stuff to get over being scared of – вещи, которых нужно перестать бояться
might as well have your dough spent on your own – с таким же успехом можно потратить эти деньги на свои нужды (в своих интересах; самой)
suit yourself – как хочешь
he couldn't face a 10-year jolt – он не мог смириться с тюремным заключением на десять лет
(to be) toes up – откинувший ласты, отбросивший коньки
it might be in fine print on the bottom – это могло быть написано мелким шрифтом в самом низу
Snitch – доносчик; on someone – доносить на кого-либо
Decide which of these words and word combinations you find most useful. Make up your own sentences with them.
I. Recall situations which these monologues and dialogues characterize. Try to guess from the context about the meaning and usage of the highlighted words and word combinations:

it's always a bad deal when these things blow
he got me to laughing, so things rekindled for a day or two
I am a Dolly, bred and buttered, and this is how I know Dad is dead
you can stand for her, right? - if she does wrong, you can put it on me
what I really can't stand is why I feel so ashamed for Dad. - Well, he loved you all. That's where he went weak.
I didn't shoot the other night cause you were there in the truck. He never backed me down. - It looked to me like he did
Are you leaving? - I'd be lost without the weight of you two on my back.
II. Answer these questions:
What is the name of the drug Ree’s father cooked?
Which animals Ree hunted to provide for her family?
Why did Ree want to join the Army?

How old is she?
What is her role in the family
What it costs her to ask for help?

How is he related to Ree?
Why is he hesitant to do anything in the first place?
What moves him to act in the end?

What characters you felt for most of all?
Can you clearly distinguish between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ characters in this film?
What episodes were so thrilling that they made you wince or shiver?
Should children be responsible for the deeds and flaws of their parents?
Should the law be strict and equal for everyone, or in certain situations it could be more humane?
Should people, at least of same social group, help each other no matter what risks and pains must be taken?