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Character and Personality Adjectives - Tasks

Here you can find the list of adjectives that describe character and personality

Look at the following words which are used to describe a person’s character. Make two columns of positive and negative ones of them:
cock-sure                    honest                       aggressive                 two-faced                  sensitive
foolish                        stupid                         open                           trustworthy              industrious
strong                         charming                   vigorous                    dull                             thoughtful
reliable                       boring                         helpful                      quick-tempered       conceited
talkative                     nervous                      competitive              careful                       considerate
petty                           kind                             polite                         bossy                          patient
strong-willed            sensible                      responsible               cold                            lively
candid                        mean                           selfish                        independent            nasty
relaxed                       enthusiastic               arrogant                    silly                            ruthless
fussy                           spiteful

Which words from the previous exercise make their opposites by adding a prefix?
Example: responsible – irresponsible

Which words from the previous exercise make their opposites by changing their suffixes?
Example: careful – careless
Join the words in the left column with their equivalents in the right one:
amusing                     cruel
foolish                        kind
considerate               loving
thrifty                         vigorous
petty                           trustful
observant                  entertaining
carefree                     silly
gullible                      attentive
energetic                   light-hearted
brutal                         economical
affectionate               shallow
Join the words in the 1st column with their opposites in the 2nd one:



Spelling game
Characterize a person in one word. Try to complete the adjectives below. Each one has a dot for every missed letter.
  1. He’ll tell you directly that you’re getting old.                       c.n.id
  2. She has practically no secrets.                                                 o..n
  3. He always gets what he wants.                                                s.r.n.-wi.led
  4. He hates to lose.                                                                         c.mp…t..e
  5. She neither has deep knowledge nor is interested in anything serious.      sh..l.w
  6. He is like a mule.                                                                        o.s.in.t.
  7. He won’t let anything stand on his way.                                r..hl..s
  8. ‘I can do it without any effort’.                                                 b..stf.l
  9. She does what she is told.                                                          ob.d…t
  10. He likes to do exciting or dangerous things, and is not afraid of taking risks.     ad..nt.r…s
  11. She is often anxious about her cat’s bad mood.                     f.s.y
  12. She never wastes money.                                                            ec.n…c.l
  13. ‘Have I been the best at my English exam?’ It was just luck.        m.d..t

Write a description of a person using 5 words from A above. Here are examples:
  1. Mandy is a nice person to have around. She is charming, considerate and tolerant to people. She is lively and easy-going, that’s why we always get on very well with her.
  2. This night Mandy is having a party. I always go to her place with great pleasure. But this night her fianc? Roger is invited. Frankly speaking, I can’t stand him. He is so pompous and cock-sure. And it seems to me that he’s rude, selfish and stupid.

Describe your character in 3 adjectives.

Which of the following traits of character do you like in people? Place them in order:




Which of the following traits of character do you dislike in people? Place them in order:




What traits of character are characteristic of these people:
  1. a teacher
  2. a doctor
  3. a nurse
  4. an actor
  5. a politician
  6. a successful businessman
  7. a mother

Discuss the following problems:
  1. What can you say about the national character        
    of the Russians
    of the English
    of the French
    of the Germans
  1. Write down 3 main characteristics of a typical American.
  2. Describe a famous person. Let your friends guess who you are speaking about.
  3. Write a composition ‘An Ideal Wife’ or ‘An Ideal Husband’ (12 sentences).
  4. Write a composition ‘An Ideal Mother’ (12 sentences).
  5. Describe how your conception of an ideal mother coincides with your plans, concerning your career.
Reading Practice
D.H. Lawrence
Sons and Lovers
When she was twenty-three years old, she met, at a Christmas party, a young man from the Erewash Valley. Morel was then twenty-seven years old. He was well set-up, erect, and very smart. He had wavy black hair that shone again, and a vigorous black beard that had never been shaved. His cheeks were ruddy, and his red, moist mouth was noticeable because he laughed so often and so heartily. He had that rare thing, a rich, ringing laugh. Gertrude Coppard had watched him, fascinated. He was so full of color and animation, his voice ran so easily into comic grotesque, he was so ready and so pleasant with everybody. Her own father had a rich fund of humor, but it was satiric. This man’s was different: soft, non-intellectual, warm, a kind of gamboling.
She herself was opposite. She had a curious, receptive mind, which found much pleasure and amusement in leading folk on to talk. She loved ideas, and she was considered very intellectual. What she liked most of all was an argument on religion or philosophy or politics with some educated man. This she did not often enjoy. So she always had people tell her about themselves, finding her pleasure so.
In her person she was rather small and delicate, with large brow, and dropping brunches of brown silk curls. Her blue eyes were very straight, honest and searching. She had the beautiful hands of the Coppards. Her dress was always subdued. She wore dark blue silk, with a peculiar silver chain of silver scallops. This, and a heavy brooch of twisted gold, was her only ornament. She was still perfectly intact, deeply religious, and full of beautiful candor.
Vocabulary Practice
Ex. 1. Choose the right word from the list below and put it into the necessary form:
a) energetic, vigorous, racy, active, lively, animated, vigorously
1. He was an able and _____ politician. 2. When she spoke to close people her language was _____. 3. A meek-looking little fox-terrier sprang over to poodle and _____ attacked a collie. (Jerome K. Jerome) 4. He is almost 90, but is still rather _____. 5. She’d always been a bright and _____ child. 6. Your dog needs at least 20 minutes of _____ exercise every day. 7. She sits at her dressing table and _____ brushes her hair. (D.Lodge) 8. An _____ discussion ensued from his remark.
b) ruddy, pink, red, rubicund, to flush, high(ly), flushed, rosy
1. His face was _____ and blotchy, with a network of little purple veins on the cheeks. 2. Tom was hot and _____. 3. Jimmie Langton, a fact, bald-headed, _____ man of forty five, who looked like one of Ruben’s prosperous burghers, has a passion for the theater. (Maugham) 4. His tone was so contemptuous that she _____ with anger. 5. Now his chestnut hair was very grey and he wore it much shorter, his face had broadened and was a good deal lined; his skin no longer had the soft bloom of a peach and his color was _____. (Maugham). 6. The third was perhaps seventeen, tall -and fair-haired, with _____ and white cheeks just touched by the sun. (Galsworthy) 7. He was a stout, _____-faced man. 8. Her face was big and broad and _____ colored. 9. She found his face strictly British with _____ cheeks and freckles. 10. His face, not a particularly handsome one, was _____ and weather-beaten. 11. She looked healthy with those _____ cheeks of hers.
c. heartily, cordially, sincerely, warmly
1. He laughed and _____ embraced his brother. 2. _____ I’ll see you again. 3. Mary greeted them _____. 4. You are _____ invited to our wedding on May, 30. 5. He smiled stiffly in answer to Julia’s warm ready smile and she felt the palm of his hand wet with sweat when she _____ grasped it. (Maugham) 6. She sat at the desk and with her bold, slowing hand wrote: Yours _____ Julia Lambert. (Maugham)